Varun Dhawan got a Galactic Tweet from Mumbai Police after taking Traffic Selfie with a Fan


A traffic selfie by Varun Dhawan with a sensitive Fan got little bit wrong. Then after he got tweet about this from Mumbai police and also he apologized for the same.

Mumbai Police had issued an E-Challan to actor varun Dhawan for clicking selfie with a fan within the core of the phrase. At the same time the actor swiftly apologised, it is Mumbai Police’s response to it that has particularly impressed netizens on Twitter.


Recently, actor Varun Dhawan received into drawback with the Mumbai Police after he obliged a fan with a selfie within the center of a street. What adopted used to be a challan being issued to the actor and a speedy apology from him. While apologising, Dhawan additionally introduced that their “automobiles weren’t moving on the grounds that we were at a traffic sign”. Mumbai Police, who is known for being totally proactive and witty on social media, responded to the actor’s apology in no time, of their usual inimitable form. Replying to Dhawan’s declare that the automobiles weren’t moving when the image was clicked, they wrote that leaning out even in a stationary vehicle can be “distracting” for others due to the actor’s reputation.

Within the second photograph, we see that her cell is now with Varun and both of them are leaning out of their vehicles posing for a selfie on the mobilephone.
The caption beneath the graphics reads, “desire a SELFIE? LET ME DO IT FOR YOU: Varun Dhawan made this fan’s day once they were stuck in visitors part by using side, and he saw her attempt to click on a picture of him. He took her cellphone and took the selfie himself.”

The Mumbai Police tweet was retweeted over 2,900 instances with the quantity of likes close to touching 4,000. Twitterati praised the police for seeing each person as equal before the law and for environment an illustration.

Now all of that is good and excellent. However what I must comprehend is — who clicked the photograph of Dhawan clicking a picture?

It doesn’t look like CCTV pictures, due to the fact that it can be too almost the vehicle and auto in question — plus the frame of the photo is too perfect to be clicked by means of just a little gadget striking off a 8ft pole on the avenue. And particularly, when has CCTV footage ever looked this clear? (I imply hey? Now we have all watched fortress, we know how this works).

It could not have in all likelihood been the paparazzi, given that good, they’re plenty of things they are, but they aren’t The Flash. They certainly should not have made it in time.

Might be it used to be the auto wallah? The perspective of the graphic would correspond with this concept, type of. Or used to be it one other Enthu Fan? One who got off in the core of the avenue and clicked a photograph of Dhawan clicking a picture? (creep alert max). A paparazzo suspended in skinny air a la Spiderman? A beggar on the road who was once handed a digicam and informed to click a snapshot of the photograph? Varun Dhawan’s driver, perhaps?

Dhawan: Hey Shamsher, I’m gonna roll down my window yeah?

Shamsher: Yeah? Cool.

Dhawan: Imma click a selfie with this sweet fan in the auto. Why don’t you whip out of the car real quick and take a picture of me doing that?

Shamsher: That’s…weird?

Dhawan: It’ll be good for PR. Just imagine tomorrow’s headline — ‘This is how dedicated Varun Dhawan is to his fans — see pic below’

Next Morning after checking Twitter

Dhawan to Shamsher: Er… So.. That didn’t go according to plan..

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