Trump VS Obama : Would Fight Between Them Can Lead To Statement “Trump on Obama”?


Trump VS Obama : Think of fight between Trump and Obama and who would be win? Any wild guess? Let us have a look at some points for Trump on Obama.

  1. Debate : No contest. Harvard expert, professor, proficient with an robust humorousness Vs a con man who can not even learn or spell.
  2. Boxing : No contest. No gloves needed either, Trump will huff and puff in 5min and faint
  3. Singing : robust grace vs SNL skit Trump did. Once more no contest.
  4. Basketball : Do I fairly need to say something here lol ?
  5. Fashion: Suave, swish and swagger Vs Orangutan with coconut hair, who tapes his tie, buttons his swimsuit sitting down and leaves it open when he stands.
  6. Wasting money and time : No contest Trump wins with a extensive margin
  7. Con and B/S : No contest Trump wins !
  8. Reputation : adored all over the arena Vs a nutcase who could not even shake arms with Mercel even when she requested this jackass.
  9. Intellegent: Why would you dig a hole with wiretapping story to divert the media ? That’s an awfully low IQ. Obama the place do I start just strong.
  10. Class: Even billions of dolllars could not purchase you the fashionable character. It’s a gift from God that only some can get. Who cheats cash from charity ? Low lifes no longer elegant.

trump vs obama

Some discussion about trump on obama to make Trump VS Obama debut more strong. Check this out how trump and obama fight would result.

Trump is the oldest man to ever take the first oath of place of business as president, whereas Obama remains to be somewhat younger. Obama made it a factor to endeavor close to daily, whereas I’m no longer mindful of Trump exercising even as soon as previously decade. The combat wouldn’t even be a combat – it would consist of Obama moving around Trump, and the second Trump overextended himself with the aid of punching or reaching out, Obama would throw him off steadiness and knock him down.

After a couple of rounds of this, of path, Trump would declare victory and consult with all video evidence to the opposite as “fake information” by means of the “horribly misleading media”.

One would hope that a nobel peace prize winning fellow corresponding to Barrack Obama would flip the opposite cheek at Donald Trumps small passed slaps.

Trump VS Obama : One on one fight and who would win?

At the same time being more youthful, and visibly more bodily conditioned than Trump is usually a definite knowledge, Obama has many things going towards him, not the least of which is his life spent in pursuit of scholarly success and a political profession has left him lacking proficiency in the extra martial oriented activities. These situational weaknesses are the certain marks of a traditional Trump target.

Trump alternatively, is used to using his measurement and stature to bully others into submission, giving him a precise potential in expertise, and tactical superiority. Even as his tiny hand measurement would make sure minimal harm caused to his opponent, his win will ordinarily come from his readiness to combat underhandedly, in a most deplorable approach.

Trump on Obama : A Myth or Reality?


Obama can also be mentally more suitable, so he can believe rapid and probably assume when certainly one of Trump’s punches are coming, which proves trump on obama is a myth. Trump on Obama actually shouldn’t have recognized what hit him. He’s beautiful sluggish and pretty stupid, so he would still be bragging about how fine he is at fighting, which says Trump on Obama is reality.

Obama will handiest have to throw one punch except Trump on obama is out cold. Trump has continually been rich and spoiled and has certainly not worked tough a day in his existence. The only time he did some thing remotly almost work is for the duration of his campaign when all he did used to be insult each person round him and make his campaign advisors provide an explanation for whst he “intended”. He doesn’t appreciate wrestle or discomfort. Obama knows that far more. He is very hardworking. He fought for his job as a senator and as President the moral way, which alas, is harder.

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