Top 10 Expensive Things Owned by Mukesh Ambani – Asia’s Richest Man


Mukesh Ambani being richest man of Asia own many expensive things like you have never seen it. Read below to check top 10 most expensive things owned by him.

Lately, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. Grew to become the richest man of Asia after leaving at the back of the chinese language trade tycoon Hui Ka Yan. As per the Forbes’ actual-time billionaire’s list which used to be launched on November 1, the web worth of Mr. Ambani is $42.1 billion (Rs 2.Seventy two lakh crore).

richest man in asia

There is nothing which can’t be owned by the richest man of Asia and here are top 10 most expensive things owned by Mukesh Ambani:


1. Antilia

richest man in asia

The condominium of Ambani household is termed because the 2d most expensive residential property after the Buckingham Palace and its estimated cost is $1 billion. It has 27 reports with 9 high pace elevators, a residence-theatre for 50 people, three helipads and multi-storey storage with the ability for 168 automobiles and many different services.


2. Yacht

richest man in asiaThis yacht is sort of a floating palace on the sea which has retracting solar glass roof. It’s fifty eight meters in length and 38 meters in width. The yacht is as cozy as dwelling given that it supplies personal suites for visitors with piano bar lounge, dining subject and a studying discipline. The price of this yacht is alleged to be practically hundred million greenbacks.

3. Falcon 900EX

richest man in asiaIt helps Mukesh Ambani in travelling from one place to one other at a fast velocity and is organized with wi-fi communications, satellites, song systems, and many others. Small trade conferences will also be held in this plane which additionally has a individual chef. The cost paid for this plane is said to be forty three.Three million dollars.


4. Airbus 319 Corporate Jet

richest man in asiaThe price of this jet is claimed to be 100 million bucks. It has a ability of 25 passengers and presents a fancy eating subject, colossal amusement field and a luxury sky-bar. The opposite services it offers are air-conditioning, personalized leather-based seats and a high-tech cockpit.


5. Maybach 62

richest man in asiaLuxurious is the second title for this vehicle which is bullet and bomb proof. It also has tv displays with the ability of conferencing and the cost is round $1 million dollars.


6. Boeing Business Jet 2

richest man in asiaThis personal aircraft was once purchased by Mukesh Ambani is 2007 and it has seating arrangement for seventy eight passengers. It’s form of a inn which is flying in air and supplies government lounge as good as a personal suite with a bedroom. Practically $73 million were spent to own this amazing private airplane.


7. Mercedes S Class

richest man in asiaAdditionally it is bullet and bomb proof and has all the points that Maybach sixty two has. What’s extra, it takes handiest three.9 seconds to head from 0-60. The rate of this auto is alleged to be $eighty,000 however it is mentioned that Mukesh Ambani has paid almost $150,000 for it.


8. Aston Martin Rapide

richest man in asiaSome of the luxurious automobiles owned with the aid of Mukesh Ambani, it does have further facets for taking care of his safety. It has a 5.9L V12 engine and 8 speed automated transmission to let him revel in a rapid trip with a high velocity of 203 miles/hour.


9. Rolls-Royce Phantom

richest man in asiaIt is among the most attractive cars in the fleet of Mukesh Ambani with a prime speed of 249 km/hr. It bills around 120,000 million greenbacks.


10. Mercedes SL500

richest man in asia

The auto provides a good level of defense with 7 pace automatic transmission. Mukesh Ambani is alleged to have paid $1 million further with the intention to purchase this one.

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