Top 10 Common Mistakes Made By Leader That You Should Avoide


Top 10 Common Mistakes made by leader that you should avoid. If which you can study about these here, as a substitute than via experience, you’ll save your self various quandary!

1. Not offering feedback

Sarah is a gifted sales representative, but she has a habit of answering the telephone in an unprofessional manner. Her boss is mindful of this, but he is waiting for her performance review to inform her the place she’s going improper. Unluckily, until she’s been alerted to the trouble, she’ll continue striking off potential consumers.

In keeping with 1,400 executives polled by using The Ken Blanchard firms, failing to provide feedback is probably the most customary mistake that leaders make. Whilst you don’t furnish prompt suggestions to your men and women, you are depriving them of the possibility to beef up their performance.

2. Not Making Time in your workforce

When you’re a manager or leader, it can be effortless to get so wrapped up in your possess workload that you don’t make yourself to be had to your workforce.

Sure, you may have projects that you just ought to supply. But your individuals need to come first – with out you being available once they need you, your people is not going to know what to do, they usually won’t have the support and guidance that they have to meet their targets.

3. Being Too “palms-Off”

one among your team has just accomplished an major venture. The obstacle is that he misunderstood the assignment’s specification, and you didn’t keep in contact with him as he was once engaged on it. Now, he is accomplished the venture in the wrong manner, and you’re faced with explaining this to an indignant patron.

4. Being Too pleasant

Most of us want to be visible as friendly and approachable to men and women in our staff. In the end, humans are happier working for a supervisor that they get on with. However, you’ll be able to generally have got to make difficult selections regarding persons for your group, and some people will likely be tempted to take knowledge of your relationship if you’re too friendly with them.

5. Failing to outline objectives

When your men and women would not have clear pursuits, they muddle via their day. They can not be productive if they have got no suggestion what they’re working for, or what their work means. In addition they cannot prioritize their workload without problems, meaning that projects and tasks get accomplished in the wrong order.

6. Misunderstanding Motivation

Many leaders make the mistake of assuming that their group is simplest working for fiscal reward. Nonetheless, it’s unlikely that this would be the only thing that motivates them.

7. Hurrying Recruitment

When your team has a large workload, it is major to have ample persons “on board” to cope with it. But filling a vacant role too swiftly is usually a disastrous mistake.

Hurrying recruitment can result in recruiting the wrong individuals to your group: humans who are uncooperative, ineffective or unproductive. They would additionally require additional training, and slow down others for your team. With the incorrect man or woman, you’ll have wasted valuable time and resources if matters don’t work out and so they depart. What’s worse, other group contributors can be confused and annoyed via having to “lift” the underneath-performer.

8. Now not “running the walk”

If you are making private cellphone calls in the course of work time, or communicate negatively about your CEO, are you able to assume humans to your team now not to do that too? Regularly no longer!

As a leader, you need to be a function model to your team. Which means in the event that they need to keep late, you must additionally stay late to support them. Or, in case your organization has a rule that no person eats at their desk, then set the example and head to the break room daily for lunch. The identical goes in your perspective – if you’re poor probably the most time, you can’t count on your persons to not be terrible.

9. Not Delegating

Some managers don’t delegate, considering that they suppose that no-one aside from themselves can do key jobs adequately. This can motive gigantic problems as work bottlenecks round them, and as they end up careworn and burned out.

Delegation does take numerous effort up-entrance, and it may be hard to trust your staff to do the work correctly. But unless you delegate duties, you’re on no account going to have time to focus on the “broader-view” that the majority leaders and executives are in charge for. What’s extra, you can fail to increase your men and women in order that they may be able to take the strain off you.

10. Misunderstanding Your role

if you emerge as a leader or supervisor, your tasks are very one-of-a-kind from these you had earlier than.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to put out of your mind that your job has converted, and that you just now ought to use yet another set of knowledge to be amazing. This leads to you no longer doing what you have been employed to do – main and managing.