Sundar Pichai will drop all His work on Monday to correct the Burger Emoji : Twitter


Twitter got a tweet by Thomas Baekdal that Google got it’s Burger Emoji wrong while apple get it right with cheese at right place. Sundar Pichai will take actions on it tomorrow.

Monday’s coming near, and the predominant task on Google CEO Sundar Pichai‘s to-do list is to figure out the proper order of cheese slice in a burger. Will have to it’s on high of the patty, or on the backside? Pichai will tackle this tremendously crucial part regarding user selection.

Media analyst Thomas Baekdal pointed out a primary difference between how Google and its rival Apple see burgers in the type of their emoji. Google’s burger emoji places the cheese beneath the burger, whilst Apple places it on top.

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We simply can’t imagine digital conversations without Emojis. All working procedure providers compete hard to present probably the most detailed and essentially the most revolutionary emojis to their customers. Now, after we speak about emojis, have you observed the burger emoji that each Apple and Google present?

That targeted emoji has become a scorching subject of debate on social media. A renowned author Thomas Baekdal has pointed out the change in the placement of cheese in Apple’s burger and Google’s burger.

Sure, in Apple’s variant, the cheese slice is placed above the patty, while in Google’s version, the cheese slice is positioned under it. The creator tweeted the images of each the burgers and said that discussion on change in placement is the necessity of the hour.

The Tweet by Thomas Baekdal is as follows:

Sundar Pichai gave him the best answer:

Here’s how people reacted;

My 9 year old approves!

Now not a good placement!

Cheese on top please!

Vada Pav emoji wanted!

Get it right please!

Folks need cheese on high and hope Sundar Pichai will get is corrected soon. Customers are never in a position to compromise with the position of their cheese, LOL.