Self-styled Godman Nanjeshwar Swamiji caught in objectionable role with a woman


Self-styled godman Nanjeshwar Swamiji was once determined in an objectionable role with a woman on digicam. It has just been less than 2 months about Ram Rahim to be caught for sex scandal and here is one more.

Self-styled godman Nanjeshwar Swamiji alias Dayanand was caught on a hidden digital camera in a compromising role with a woman. The self-styled godman was once caught on the mutt in Maddevanapura in Yelahanka Taluk. The woman in the video is claimed to be an actress.

Son of Parvatharaj Shivacharya Swami, Nanjeshwar Swamiji is currently head of the mutt, the place the incident took place. Dayanand desired to end up the head of the mutt however couldn’t because of lack of support from his devotees.

sex scandal

Within the yr 2011, he changed his name from Dayanand to Nanjeshwar Swamiji. The sources have printed that the self-styled godman has had alleged relationships with many ladies previously. They have alleged that this is not the only incident that has occurred in the mutt.

The devotees have also alleged that Dayanand has been misusing the land that used to be allotted to the mutt.

sex scandal

Reportedly, Nanjeshwar Swamiji has been in relationships like these prior too and as per sources, this isn’t the primary incident to have occurred within the mutt.

Have a look at video:

As per the reports, within the yr 2011, Dayanand wanted to become the pinnacle of the mutt but his goals have been shattered as a result of lack of help from devotees.

Later Dayanand modified his title to Nanjeshwar Swamiji.

His devotees have also claimed that Dayanand has misused the land allotted for the mutt.

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