Obama vs Trump – What Donald Trump Gain In First 100 Days That Barack Obama Couldn’t


Obama vs Trump : Obama Trump thing has gone viral all along after Donald Trump got elected as US president. See below some points about Barack Obama vs Donald Trump.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential elections marked the transition from a govt led by way of the Democrat Barack Obama to a executive headed by way of former businessman and tv-famous person, Republican Donald Trump. The candidacy – and subsequent victory – of Donald Trump bowled over many americans and non-americans, and his debates against the Democrat Hillary Clinton have been followed via the whole world.

Following years of political scandals and after eight years of Obama administration, americans had been tired of Obama Trump politicians and governments that could no longer resolve problems. For a lot of, Barack Obama did not reach:

  • Decreasing unemployment premiums
  • Taking out the risk of violent extremism and terrorism
  • Halting unlawful immigration
  • Prioritizing the usa’s wants and
  • Displaying decisiveness.

If we analyze Trump’s political proposals, we can comfortably see how his candidacy is most often a resistance motion. Donald Trump is opposing:

imgBarack Obama and all its insurance policies;

  • The Democratic party
  • The establishment
  • The conventional political career
  • The Republican occasion institution and
  • The average conservative ideas.
  • Trump’s resistance to Obama was translated into a fierce opposition of all Hillary
  • Clinton’s proposals and pledges

Clinton used to be overtly in prefer of abortion rights and Trump insisted on the wants of controlling and limiting abortion;

Clinton desired to ease the immigration process and Trump promised he would build a wall with Mexico – and have Mexico pay for it;

Clinton prioritized multilateral alternate offers and Trump used to be in prefer of bilateral exchange agreements.

Clinton had the endorsement of Barack Obama while Trump fiercely antagonistic Obama and all its insurance policies.

For that reason, it is not shocking that Trump right away acquire the aid of the marginalized, of the voters who felt ignored. On the establishing of the Presidential crusade, Trump’s supporters had been usually:

White men and women with out a high university diploma;
humans dwelling in areas with little (or no) ethnic and devout minorities;
persons who felt marginalized;

Barack Obama vs Donald Trump: ideologies, economy and home policies


Donald Trump and Barack Obama have exclusive views and beliefs on close to every trouble, together with man or woman rights, domestic policies, foreign insurance policies, immigration and economy. In addition, the two are candidates of the 2 historically opposing parties: Obama is a Democrat while Donald Trump is a Republican. As a result, Obama is (and used to be) reasonably liberal at the same time Trump is reasonably more conservative (very conservative in some circumstances).

Barack Obama vs Donald Trump: first one hundred days

Obama vs Trump : The first a hundred days in workplace of a newly elected president are a critical interval of adjustment. Barack Obama and Donald Trump spent their first a hundred days doing very extraordinary matters.

  • Quantity of legal guidelines signed: Trump signed 29 legal guidelines (for a complete of 133 pages) at the same time Obama signed 14 legal guidelines (for a complete of 1,602 pages);
  • Number of govt orders signed: Trump signed 30 government orders (together with the two travel Bans) at the same time Obama signed 19 government orders;
  • Quantity of international international locations visited: interested in domestic disorders rather than on overseas policies, Trump did not seek advice from any international nation
  • While Obama visited 9 nations for the duration of his first a hundred days;
  • Approval rating: after one hundred days in office, Obama’s approval rate was round 65% whilst Trump’s was round forty two%;
  • Unemployment charges: after Obama’s first 100 days, unemployment used to be at eight.7% – despite the fact that he inherited the worst economic concern of the last a long time – even as after Trump’s first 100 days unemployment premiums were at four.5%;

Obama Trump: Barack and Michelle Obama were a detailed, loving couple – they loved to spend time collectively and Michelle was once a pioneer of ladies’s rights. Conversely, Donald and Melania Trump do not show up to have a close relationship and the primary girl did not live in the White residence during the primary a hundred days of her husband’s mandate; and


Quantity of golf outings of Obama Trump: in his first a hundred days, Barack Obama performed golf once (although some sources say he in no way played in this period) at the same time Donald Trump played 19 instances.

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