Microsoft Will Give Rewards to UK User If They Use Bing Over Google


Microsoft Reward Programme was launch in the UK and this Programme will allow you to earn points for making online shopping. But what’s the clasp? What does the company Microsoft acquire out of this? Well, you have to use Microsoft’s Bing Search engine. The constancy program isn’t somewhat new. It has previously been on the troll in the US market for a while now. The company is now incoming Britain and it appears that this is an effort to court people left from the market leader Google. Satisfying people to provide the marketing leader? Great strategy we must say.

The question that rests: Is this enough? Will users license Google for ‘free’ Xbox Live membership, a Channel Music Pass or the chance to win an Xbox One S. We can’t accurately guess how much success this step will take for the company but if you like the idea, then go onward. Here are some stuffs you want to know about Microsoft Rewards Programme.

Earning Microsoft Reward points:

According to Microsoft, “The more searches you do through Bing, the more points you will earn. On Bing, Level 1 members can earn points for up to 10 searches a day and Level 2 members can earn points for up to 50 searches a day (30 PC, 20 mobile). The search limit changes every day, so you can start earning again tomorrow.”

Mainly one search on Bing is equivalent to three reward points. If you buying products through Windows, Xbox and Microsoft stores, you will collect one point for every pound consumed. You can also earn extra sockets by captivating daily quizzes and challenges on the Microsoft Rewards dashboard. For earn this you will have to sign up at

Microsoft Reward points renovation:

After receiving these points, the next question is: what is the value of these points? If you earn 200 points you will be talented to enter lottery to win items such as a Microsoft Surface Pro or Xbox One S. These reward points can also be swapped for physical things but you would require numerous searches to get to that point. You can get an Xbox Live Gold Membership for 6000 points and a 1 month Hollow Music Pass for 9,500 points. A Groove Music Pass’s 12 month worth is 110,000 points (or 99,900 if you’re at Level 2). These opinions can also be recycled on a variety of products at the Microsoft Store.

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