Man Says He Traveled Time From 2048 To 2017-Says Aliens Will assault Earth In 2018


One astonishing news is going viral all over the World that a man claims to have traveled from 2048 to 2017. He adds that aliens will attack the Earth in 2018 and there will be huge destruction in 2018 by aliens and tells us to be prepared for it.

Aliens and Time journey is one of the most interesting subject matters to speak about in our world. The modern-day information has both the elements and if authentic, then we are quickly going to be attacked via aliens.

A person named Bryant Johnson has been caught by using US police in a drunken state. Even as speakme with police, he claimed to be a time traveller from 2048 and continued to tell that Aliens will attack the Earth subsequent yr i.e 2018.

drunk man

As quoted by Huffington post, Bryant mentioned-

“The aliens had been coming next year and we wanted to ensure to go away as quick as viable.”

As per the document, he didn’t point out an precise date or time for the aliens’ arrival and insisted to satisfy the President of the city to share the small print.

Meanwhile, he shared the reason for his drunken state and time travel.

drunk man

Johnson told the police that he was supposed to come in 2018 however as a substitute landed 1 yr previous. He stated he was ready to travel by way of time on account that the aliens crammed his body with alcohol. He claimed to have stood upon a “big pad” which then transported him to the year 2017.

Johnson used to be so worried about his mission to save lots of humanity that he requested to speak to the “president of the town.”

police officers stated Johnson had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a blood-alcohol studying that passed legal limits — but the alleged time-tourist had a perfectly logical rationalization: the one approach the aliens would ship him again in time used to be to fill his body with alcohol and making him stand on a colossal pad.

Well, if indicators of World battle three had been any much less, this information appears to be enough to make all of us concerned.

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