Make Blog Viral : Learn To Use Google Data Highlighter and Rank on Top in Google


Structured Data Testing Tool : Learn all about Google Webmaster Tools Google Data Highlighter to improve rank of your website more faster and make blog viral all over the world. Rank website on top in google by learning the use of google data highlighter.

Does your web page incorporate structured information like occasion listings or assessment scores?

Now there’s a new alternative to webmaster markup for helping Google understand your website online’s knowledge. With knowledge Highlighter, you quite simply “tag” each and every data discipline with your mouse.

Then Google can present your knowledge extra attractively, and in new ways, in search outcome.

What is Google Data Highlighter?

Knowledge Highlighter is a webmaster device for teaching Google about the pattern of structured knowledge for your internet site. You with ease use information Highlighter to tag the information fields on your website online with a mouse. Then Google can present your data extra attractively and in new approaches in search results and in different merchandise such because the Google competencies Graph.

Give a boost to your look in search:

Let customers see your key information right in search outcome.

For example, in case your web page includes occasion listings you should use data Highlighter to tag knowledge (title, vicinity, date, and so on) for the events to your website. The following time Google crawls your website, the event knowledge might be on hand for wealthy snippets on search results pages:

google data highlighter

word that information Highlighter can best entry pages which have been crawled by means of Google recently. If Google hasn’t crawled or can not crawl some of your pages, corresponding to pages behind sign-in types, you can not use information Highlighter for these pages.

Rich Cards To Attract Your Cutomers:

We are tremendous believer in structured data testing tool and its capabilities for making shopping less difficult for the purchaser by means of aggregating information throughout a large number of websites. In my eyes, this also gives retail firms a combating danger to proceed to compete with Amazon.

Having wealthy snippet knowledge with your URLs can help boost your click on-through rates on search outcome (have you ever caught your possess eyes being drawn to those outcome with assessment stars ahead of others?).

Google has endured to boost with “wealthy cards” in search results which also requires the use of structured data testing tool. Listed below are examples:

google rich cards

Datatypes Supported by Google Data Highlighter:

You can teach Google about your blogs, website by using different types of data on your site:


You can study in detail for each individual datatype by clicking here.

It will give you detailed knowledge about each datatype and will help you out to apply in your pages which might contain articles, movies, products etc.

Crowded websites like Amazon, Flipkart, BookMyShow uses these datatypes to get their task done.

Advantages of using Structured Data Testing Tool:

By way of tagging specific data fields in your website online’s pages, that you can probably reinforce the seem of your web site’s listings in the search engine outcome pages.

advantages of structured data

Within the context of a search outcome page, snippets help ruin up search listings by way of delivering distinction. It will support draw user awareness and broaden click on via rates and visitors, as we’ve covered beforehand in a number of posts about the authorship tag.

How To Use Google Data Highlighter For WordPress Blog?

It only takes just a few steps to add structured knowledge to your product pages. In case your web site is on a customized platform like Magento, Shopify, WordPress, and so on., then you must be ready to leverage the page set feature.

This selection allows for you to “highlight” one product page and then Google will automatically healthy to identical pages in constitution. Follow below steps to make it work:

Step 1:  Enter your blog post URL

data highlighter

Step 2: Using mouse drag and highlight elements on page like title, author, images.

highlighting page

Step 3: Add similar articles or pages or just review pages that had automatically added by google.

Google will take you by way of a sequence of pages to affirm and/or unravel pages which are already pre-tagged based for your pattern utilized in step 2.

google highlighter


Step 4: To get more accuracy check random set of pages.

In this step, you’ll as soon as again be prompted with a collection of pages to identify determine for accuracy. If you happen to in finding any that don’t appear correct, just prefer the highlighter tools to edit/repair.

google highlighter accuracy check


Step 5: Select appropriate language and date from settings available at top right by clicking on gear icon.

select language and date

Step 6: Go!!! Publish the pages by clicking “Publish” button.

While you suppose positive concerning the accuracy of pages, click put up and also you’ll be good to go.

data highlighter

Google states that you’ll begin seeing updates after a recrawl, so you may also want to request a recrawl of one among your top class pages and all linked pages beneath the Crawl > Fetch as Google settings:


As soon as submitted, you’ll wish to investigate back in per week or so and see if your structured information begins populating below your Search look settings:

data highlighter

Now you are ready to publish your own pages by using google data highlighter and structure data to rank on top in google.

See below the video which will help you more on how to use Google webmaster tools “Data Highlighter”

What information can you highlight?

The info Highlighter isn’t virtually as powerful as Schema.Org, but it surely does offer its share of knowledge forms to markup. You can do Articles, events, areas, publication stories, movie stories, products, application, and some others.

This is exceptionally useful for small companies who want to highlight their region pages:

what data to highlight

data highlighter

How long it takes rank on top in google with highlighted data?

It’s going to take a few days for data to begin appearing to your Webmaster tool account, however you will have to begin seeing information populate within the dashboard of Google Webmaster tool once Google crawls your web page.

Remember, the information Highlighter doesn’t absolutely add any code to your pages. The software is simply to support Google interpret the info. When you have the resources so as to add schema tags to your pages, that’s most likely your satisfactory option for implementing structured data accurately. Which you could constantly begin with the info Highlighter and work your means toward editing code when you’ve had a chance to accumulate data and experiment distinct situations.

For a full list of on hand HTML schema tags, head over to Schema.Org.

How to organize pages into web page sets?

To tell knowledge Highlighter which of the pages in your web site contain knowledge, you create a number of page units. A page set is a collection of pages on a website online that display information continually (in all likelihood generated from the same template) and are equipped in order that URLs comply with a easy pattern. Knowledge Highlighter will handiest instruct Google about pages which are in a web page set.

Knowledge Highlighter doesn’t coach Google about pages that already incorporate HTML markup specifying the data constitution. That you could nonetheless use knowledge Highlighter if one of the crucial pages on a website online already contain HTML markup, but information Highlighter will coach Google simplest in regards to the pages with out the markup.

In case your web page organizes information in different methods (corresponding to making use of exceptional templates for tune and speaking hobbies), that you could create a page set for each institution.

For instance, recall a web page that contains understanding about track and speakme routine within the following pages:


Pages one and two could be in a single page set considering the fact that they both describe song hobbies and their URLs comply with a simple sample:

www.Illustration.Com/events/track/*/* (where each * is a wildcard for a single URL aspect).

Likewise, pages three and four would be in a different page set due to the fact that they each describe talking movements and their URLs comply with a simple sample: www.Instance.Com/events-speaking/*/*

How to detect alterations in a page set and update it? 

Whenever Google crawls pages for your site, knowledge Highlighter extracts data and makes the information available for rich snippets. If you make huge alterations to the way your pages show knowledge or to the web page’s URLs, you must delete the fashioned page units and instruct data Highlighter concerning the new structure of your website online.

How to delete a page set?

If you happen to not need data Highlighter to extract knowledge in your pages, or in case your web site has transformed drastically and also you need to redo the tagging, delete the web page set. If you delete a page set, you can’t get well it.

    1. View the web page set’s submit web page:
      1. On the Google Webmaster tools house page, click the web page.
      2. On the Dashboard, click Search look.
      3. Click data Highlighter.
      4. Click the title of a web page set.
    2.  Click on the trash can icon.

What are problems with the data Highlighter?

The information Highlighter isn’t excellent, which is why it quite is the fast and dirty process. First, if you happen to alternate any part of the web page’s coding, it’ll wreck the information Highlighter challenge although the content remains the same. In order to get pages to re-cache, you’ll must delete the old undertaking utterly and start from scratch.

Secondly, which you could run into issues if in case you have a lot of pages. One of the vital information Highlighter’s elements is that it’s going to try to guess what chunks of content go along with what information item, and it’s beautiful excellent at it, however no longer ideal. It leans pretty heavily on placement of textual content and snap shots on the web page. So if a targeted item isn’t always located in roughly the identical spot within the page as it is on others, the Highlighter could have difficulty finding the gadgets to notate.

For example, it has no obstacle picking the one-of-a-kind objects on this most pages once I hooked up the web page set for the Upcoming Viral weblog, however when the featured snapshot is removed, the guesses are wholly off.

You need to use regex to refine this just a little, but at that point its most commonly valued at going straight to Schema to markup the information on the pages, when you consider that that’s less difficult to put into effect on a template-degree.

Lastly, it’s handiest obvious to Google. Other search engines like google and yahoo and websites that can crawl your site for knowledge received’t be competent to use the markup at all, so that you aren’t communicating the information categories to Bing or any person else.

When should I take advantage of the Data Highlighter?

You should utilize it when you don’t have any other alternative! Possibly you got an massive progress queue and need to seeing wealthy snippets earlier. Or might be you wish to have to measure the have an impact on of a rich snippet to see if enforcing schema markup website broad is valued at the effort.

Probably you could have restricted coding resources and just need to markup a number of matters, like your product or bodily location.

All in all, the information Highlighter is what it’s: a fast and dirty approach for wealthy snippets. If you have the ability, you should surely use schema to markup your code instantly.

It’ll make a difference in the long run and is far less difficult to scale. However if you happen to’re a small trade or just have a number of things to notate, the information Highlighter might be the ultimate answer for you.

Is Google data highlighter webmaster tools and Google Search Console same?

Search console is a very beautiful tool by google webmaster to help bloggers get relevant data analytics for their sites. So google data highlighter is a part of google search console.

How can I preview appearances of my site in search?

    1. To access the pop-up window, click on on the query mark icon icon subsequent to the quest appearance menu in the side navigation.
    2. Click on on any aspect to reveal a two-section summary:
      • Methods to have an effect on will provide the content material or constitution changes needed to affect this aspect.
      • In Search Console (if relevant) will link to the relevant characteristic where which you could determine any alterations you can also wish to make.
    3. Check up on your site to see if there are any upgrades you might make. Hold in mind these are examples of viable elements — not all of them may follow to your possess website online.

You can get detailed information on this by clicking here.

How can I get Structured Data report?

If Google knows the markup in your pages, it could use this know-how to add rich snippets and other points to your search outcome. For illustration, the hunt snippet for a restaurant would exhibit its typical assessment and price range. That you may add structured knowledge to your web page utilising the schema.Org vocabulary and formats akin to Microdata and RDF, alongside other systems corresponding to Microformats. Which you could also add structured data by means of tagging the data in your web page utilising data Highlighter.


The Structured information page in Search Console suggests the structured expertise that Google was once competent to observe to your website. It additionally supplies know-how about blunders in web page markup that will avert wealthy snippets (or other search features) from being displayed.

You can get  detailed knowledge about structured data report by clicking here.

How can I improve HTML reports?

The HTML upgrades page shows you competencies disorders Google observed when crawling and indexing your web page. We suggest that you review this record most often to establish changes that probably increase your rankings in Google search results pages while delivering a greater expertise for your readers.

Data that may be integrated on this page include:

  • Title issues: potential issues with the title tag in your pages, equivalent to missing or repeated web page titles.
  • Meta description issues: advantage problems with reproduction or in any other case tricky meta descriptions.
  • Non-indexable content material: Pages containing non-indexable content material, corresponding to some wealthy media files, video, or graphics.


What are Sitelinks?

The hyperlinks shown below some of Google’s search outcome, known as sitelinks, are supposed to support customers navigate your site. Our techniques analyze the link structure of your web page to find shortcuts that will shop users time and allow them to speedily in finding the know-how they may be watching for.


1. The main search result

2. Sitelinks

To get detailed knowledge about sitelinks click here.

What are Featured Snippets in search?

When a user asks a query in Google Search, we could show a search outcome in a specified featured snippet block at the prime of the quest outcome page. This featured snippet block entails a summary of the reply, extracted from a webpage, plus a link to the web page, the page title and URL. A featured snippet would seem whatever like this on the page:

featured snippets

The place does the answer summary come from?

The abstract is a snippet extracted programmatically from what a traveller sees on your internet page. What’s exceptional with a featured snippet is that it is superior to draw user awareness on the outcome web page. When we appreciate that a question asks a query, we programmatically discover pages that reply the user’s query, and display a high result as a featured snippet within the search outcome.

Like every search results, featured snippets replicate the views or opinion of the web site from which we extract the snippet, not that of Google. We’re perpetually working to fortify our ability to notice probably the most priceless snippet, so the outcome you see may alternate over time. That you would be able to provide suggestions on any Featured Snippet by clicking the “provide suggestions” link on the backside of the box.

Can I Opt out of featured snippets?

Yes, You can decide out of featured snippets through stopping snippets to your web page making use of the <meta name=”googlebot” content=”nosnippet”> tag for your web page. This may occasionally cast off all snippets on your web page, together with these in general search outcome.

How am I able to mark my web page as a featured snippet?

You can’t. Google programmatically determines that a web page includes a possible answer to the consumer’s query, and displays the outcomes as a featured snippet.

What is AMP test?

Accelerated cell pages (AMP) is a regular for developing quick-loading pages that seem just right on mobile gadgets. Having a cell-friendly website is a valuable a part of your on-line presence. In many international locations, smartphone visitors now exceeds computing device visitors. You need to use the AMP scan to check the validity of an AMP page, and to verify that it has the right configuration to show up in Google Search outcome.


Run the scan

The AMP scan is convenient to run; without problems sort in the full URL of the net web page that you wish to have to test. Any redirects applied by using the page might be adopted via the scan.

Overview the results

  • If there are errors, broaden the man or woman error and click the line quantity to open the code explorer pane for that error.
  • If the page has structured knowledge, click the structured information link to open the Structured information testing tool to scan and explore the structured knowledge.

How to enhance my site’s attributes rank website on top in google?

That you could increase the appearance and coverage of your reliable website and presence in Search outcome by means of first beginning it with Google. By way of adding structured information markup to your site, that you can enable extra of your website’s realistic and visual factors to appear directly in outcome and in skills Graph cards. This makes it simpler for customers to admire your reliable web site and attain know-how you furnish more without problems when they search.

enhance search results

This document covers the next site attributes which you can allow for search outcome:

  • Trade small print like physical region and call know-how
  • Advertising small print like your respectable identify, brand, and social profile data

In total, the google webmaster tools and Data Highlighter may be very intuitive and easy to make use of. It can be somewhat clunky at first at the same time Google tries to determine the information fields to your web page sets, but with a little bit patience, which you could markup your articles, hobbies, merchandise, and more very quickly.

Have you ever used any of google webmaster tools or  data highlighter tool yet? Do you know more ways to rank website on top in google? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.