A North Korea defector from a wealthy navy loved ones in North Korea is accusing Kim Jong Un of snatching teenage females to be his intercourse slaves, forcing participants of the elite to detect ugly executions and feasting on imported food even as his countrymen starve.

North Korea Defector reported – Teenagers drawn from university to be a sex slaves by Kim Jong Un.

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In a horrifying account given to the U.Okay.-situated daily mirror in Seoul, South Korea, the 26-year-historic woman, whose late father was a senior officer in Kim’s regime, declared “regardless of our privilege, we had been scared.”

Kim Jong Un’s depravity and abuses of power haven’t any bounds, extending even to North Korea’s upper echelon. The North’s authoritarian regime snatches young adults out of school to be his sex slaves, forces contributors of the nation’s bigger type to watch executions and Kim is flawlessly content material to devour luxurious lunches while his men and women subsist on grass, a defector instructed the everyday replicate this week.

So to defend the defector, The replicate didn’t publish her actual establish nor the names of her loved ones contributors, nonetheless refers to her as Hee Yeon Lim and states she’s a 26 year historical whose father was once a senior officer in Kim’s regime. Hee spoke to the British know-how outlet in a secret neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea days after Kim and his regime performed its sixth nuclear experiment this month.

Hee claimed supreme leader Kim forces these within the walled-off nation’s “upper-style elite” to look at executions, and said she was once witness to a mass execution of eleven musicians who’ve been put to demise through making use of an anti-plane gun swiftly after Kim took over for his late father Kim Jong Il in 2011. The musicians had been killed over allegedly making a pornographic video, and Hee stated 10,000 humans witnessed their execution.

Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn’t mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!

“I noticed horrible matters in Pyongyang” – together with the general public execution of eleven North Korean musicians accused of creating a pornographic video, she informed the reflect.

“The musicians have been brought out, tied up, hooded, and apparently gagged, so they might no longer make a noise, now not beg for mercy or even scream,” she instructed the replicate, adding: “They had been lashed to the end of anti-aircraft weapons. There have been round 10,000 men and women ordered to watch that day, and i was once standing 200 ft from these victims.”

“The musicians just disappeared every time the weapons had been fired into them,” she stated. “Their our bodies were blown to bits, fully destroyed, blood and bits flying all over. And then after that army tanks moved in and so they ran over the bits on the bottom where the stays lay.”

Turning them to be Sex Slaves:

“officers got here to our colleges and picked out teenage women to work at one among his ‘countless numbers’ of houses around Pyongyang,” the young girl informed the replicate. “They take the prettiest and be certain they have straight, excellent legs. They be trained to serve him food like caviar and tremendously rare food. They’re also taught learn how to massage him, and so they turn out to be sex slaves.”