Angry Salman Khan Bigg Boss 11 : Contestants removed for breaking rules

Salman Khan gets angry exclusively at people living in Bigg Boss house

Salman Khan get’s angry with the House mates and decided to kick out of Bigg Boss House Priyank and Vikas, who are breaking rules. High voltage drama has already started on Bigg Boss 11. Matters will flip worse when removing will take position. Lovers are eagerly waiting for the season’s first removing and expect a 440 walt ka jhatka.

However wait, media reports have anything else to assert. There are speculations that popular contestant Priyank Sharma will likely be thrown out of the apartment. Fairly?

Priyank is likely one of the most mentioned contestants of the show and so, his ouster won’t go down well with many.


Why will Priyank be thrown out?

In step with media stories, Priyank can be thrown out in view that he intervened in the fight between Vikas Gupta & Akash Dadlani and slapped Akash particularly rough. Yes, the duo had a nasty fight and so, every body notion that it might be Vikas who will must depart the house. But no, considering that Priyank jumped in between, he needed to undergo the brunt.

Media stories said that when Akash wondered the sexual orientation of Vikas, Priyank slapped Akash so tough that he actually started bleeding. Considering such violence is a strict no in the house, Bigg Boss will ask Priyank to exit the show. There’s no authentic confirmation on the same, however we’ve this tweet;

Sincerely, it’s for the reason that of Priyank’s unruly habits that he will have got to leave the condo. Will he come back or will he be thrown out without end? There are probabilities that he perhaps moved to padosi condominium too.


Salman had made it clear throughout the launch itself that bodily violence would not be tolerated in any respect.


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