Gauri Visited BB House but Hiten Tejwani Couldn’t Talk To Her. Twitter Got Mad


Gauri visited BB house but unfortunately Bigg Boss didn’t released Hiten Tejwani to talk to her. Twitter got mad about this. See reactions below.

We are ordinary of staring at persons shouting and insulting each and every other in the apartment of Bigg Boss but this week, we are seeing the contestants getting emotionally vulnerable as their cherished ones are travelling the condo.

That is the a part of the luxury funds undertaking and at final Gauri Pradhan, spouse of Hiten Tejwani, arrived within the residence. Many individuals had been anticipating her to return as the couple is likely one of the most preferred pair of Indian television and they’ve entertained the audiences for a long time.


Gauri met Shilpa and thanked her for being there for Hiten. She also complemented her for being the youngest mother of such big kids at the same time she also advised Arshi that she and the audiences are loving the verbal fights between Arshi and Hiten. She thanked Vikas for assisting Hiten and spoke to Hina concerning the remark that she made as regards to Hiten which was once, “Be a leader, now not a follower”.


She informed Hiten that he is taking part in well and the whole household is proud of him. However, the social media isn’t blissful with the truth that Hiten and Gauri weren’t given time to spend collectively whilst we have noticeable earlier that different contestants got adequate time to meet their household contributors or acquaintances.

Watch The Video:

Twitter thought that it was once very unfair on the a part of Bigg Boss to not liberate Hiten to have a phrase with Gauri while he desperately wanted to talk to her.

It’s unfair:

Made for each other:

A test beyond patience:

Emotional ride:

He wanted to talk:

Couple goals:

She is so straight-forward:

No drama:

Gauri took Hina’s class:

A jibe at Hina Khan:

Want to see her in Bigg Boss 12:

What an emotional and heart-touching moment! What do you say?