Electronic Voting Machine Tampering – EVM Viral Video Tells Everything


Electronic Voting Machine Tampering is possible or not? This EVM Viral video will reveal everything. See until end.

In the wake of a couple of political events questioning whether or not electronic vote casting machines are tamper-proof, the Election fee now plans to introduce an advanced version of EVM forward of the 2019 general Elections.

The controversy surrounding the digital balloting desktop (EVM) tampering used to be reignited after the Congress and the Aam Aadmi party raised the limitation with the Election commission not too long ago.

Ahead of the imperative MCD election in the Capital, both the parties sought scrapping of the EVMs after a video showed that the (VVPAT) machine used during a trial in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, disbursed slips with the BJP’s ballot image.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer Saleena Singh, nonetheless, denied the reports on Voter-confirmed Paper Audit path (VVPAT) computer allotting BJP slips.

The Election fee has now sought a distinctive report from the poll authorities in Bhind. Apart from, the Election fee has now introduced that it might substitute over 9 lakh EVMs forward of the 2019 basic Elections with the extra developed M3 machines, which reportedly discontinue running when any person tries to tamper with them.

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What is AN EVM and the way exactly DOES IT WORK?

EVMs or electronic voting machines furnish the voter with a button for each and every option which is hooked up via a cable to an digital pollbox.

An EVM contains two models–manipulate unit and balloting unit–and these two are related by means of a 5-meter cable. When a voter presses a button towards the candidate he/she wants to vote for, the laptop locks itself.

This EVM may also be opened handiest with a brand new ballot number. This manner, EVMs ensure that one character will get to vote only as soon as.

WHY IS INDIA making use of EVMs?

Electronic vote casting machines were in use in India considering the fact that 1999. Using EVMs means disposing of paper ballots, and in turn, saving hundreds of thousands of timber from being cut.

It makes the complete process of balloting easier–a click on on the button and your vote is registered.

EVMs, in the long-run, have became out to be fee-amazing as good. Despite the fact that the preliminary fee of an EVM is between Rs 5,000 and Rs 6,000, the computer, on an ordinary, lasts for 15 years.

These machines don’t require electrical energy and run on batteries. Whilst, the EVMs are lighter and portable in comparison with the giant ballot boxes.

And most importantly, EVMs have made the vote-counting method a lot turbo, providing outcome in hours as towards manual counting of votes which might take days.


As early as 2009, BJP’s veteran leader L ok Advani had raised doubts concerning the protection aspects of digital vote casting machines.

It was once Subramanian Swamy who filed a petition in the Delhi high courtroom challenging using EVMs in its present kind. The court, whilst pronouncing that EVMs aren’t tamper-proof, did not limitation any course to the Election commission.

Subramanian Swamy then approached the Supreme courtroom which in October 2013 ruled that the Election fee would use Voter-established Paper Audit path (VVPATs) linked to EVMs in a phased manner and the full implementation will have to be accomplished by way of 2019.

The Election commission has sought a unique report from the district poll authorities in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh on media stories that VVPAT used to be best shelling out slips of BJP image in the course of an indication recreation. An assembly bypoll is due in Bhind subsequent week and the demonstration was once part of the familiarisation endeavor.

“we’ve got sought a specific record from district election officer and would come up with a response in the evening,” a fee spokesperson mentioned. The voters see Voter-verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) slip for seven seconds, which would be an acknowledgement receipt for the celebration they voted for in the election.

VVPAT is a desktop which dispenses a slip with the logo of the occasion for which a character has voted for. The slip drops in a box however the voter can’t take it residence.

Congress leaders alleged that the paper path hooked up to the EVM generated a receipt with the BJP’s lotus symbol when chief electoral officer Saleena Singh had pressed the button for the Samajwadi get together candidate in the course of the demonstration approach. Media stories too said that the receipt confirmed the vote going to BJP, regardless of button pressed, for the period of the demonstration.The stories additionally claimed that Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Madhya Pradesh, Saleena Singh was once noticeable telling journalists that the news will have to not appear in newspapers, else they might be detained on the police station

However, Singh denied the allegations. “if in case you have a completely calibrated computers electronic voting machine tampering can’t occur like this,” she informed Hindustan times. “but they [journalists] misrepresented the information without trying to comprehend the whole quandary.”

The video of the incident had gone viral on social media. In the video, Singh is obvious telling journalists to refrain from reporting the incident or face police action.

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