Durga Puja – Festival of delivering Happiness, Freedom and Eating Dishes – Kolkata


It is believed that Durga Puja is done by people of kolkata with food, flowers or anything else. It’s freedom to be the Bhakt of Durga Mata.

Kolkata – Durga Puja is well known in more than a few elements of India in unique styles. But the one general purpose of this social gathering is to propitiate Shakti, the Goddess in Her side as vigour, to bestow upon man all wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, potential (each sacred and secular), and all other strong powers. Whatever be the particular or distinctive request that everyone may just put before the Goddess, some thing boon may be requested of Her, the one factor at the back of all these is propitiation, worship and linking oneself together with her. There’s no different purpose. That is being effected consciously or unconsciously. All people is blessed together with her loving mercy and is covered by Her.

On these auspicious days people worship Durga mata by doing Durga Puja till midnight, people’s belief is so high that they do puja in various ways which are uncountable. The mata guides everyone by flowing the light in everyone’s path. It’s said like “pujo pujo gondho” (meaning that the smell of puja lasts long). Kolkata is native for this Durga puja but also in Bengal it has high rate of courtesy among the people for durga puja.

Of the various methods residents of West Bengal — now not all of them Bengali — have pushed again against the very deliberate try to “religionise” Durga Puja this 365 days, this one’s my favorite. Self-conscious, witty and available, it calls upon celebrants to share photos as they dig into their pujo ingredients of substitute. Egg rolls, of path, however moreover biryani and chaap and momos and all the specific junk ingredients which may also be taken off consume-sparingly-or-hinder lists with the aid of the 5 days of Pujo. Effortlessly hashtag them #SelfieWithNonVeg and enable them to unfastened on social media to exhibit those upcountry bumpkins what’s what.

Parse as I may the points of interest and sounds of puja — the phantasmagoric pandals at every street nook, the dhakis’ electrifying heat-ups, the kilometre-prolonged lights installations, the rhythmic clangs of the kanshor-ghonta, the mesmeric dance of the lamps, the practised ululations — it’s on the other hand rough to capture the strong cocktail developed up with the aid of anticipation, pleasure, further and an unspoken, ever-gift think of something-goes-for-5-days. In preserving with the ethos of the Durga story (the goddess is journeying her dad and mom and they’re seeking to keep her from returning to her drug-taking, tandav-dancing husband by way of splashing out on commonly essentially the most tempting of food and worship), pujo, in conservative Kolkata, is licence to push boundaries, ignore elements in time, dabble with the detrimental. Live slightly of. Or loads. Costume up. Dangle round. Flirt. Date. Dine out. Maintain away. Sleep over. All in undeniable sight. Oh, the enjoyment.

It’s the type of irreverence that, paradoxical because it seems, is the hallmark of the Durga Puja in Kolkata. Piety phases may just run excessive throughout the ritual anjali on Ashtami and even probably the most agnostic of guys and women can be moved with the support of the climactic Shandhi Puja, when the goddess slays the demon constant with legend, nonetheless, for probably the most segment, Durga Puja – so common is its resonance that the point out of the deity is optional — is a aesthetic feel among people.

durga puja

You bump into each exclusive throughout the morning arati at the para Durga puja. As you dig into the all-time favourite sattvik khichuri bhog and labra for lunch, that’s how a natural dialog goes: “whats up, what number of pujas did you see final night? And what’s good the place?” “Don’t miss the mangsher ghugni at B-block. The moghlai porota with kosha mangsho and fish fry at C-block is to die for. And if that you’d be equipped to brave the crowds at X block, simply ignore the entire lot and go for the bhetki maachher shahjehani and chingri maachher (prawn) pulao at Dada-Boudi’s stall!”

Time to wrap up now with a sugar fix of more than a few mishtis or ice cream. After this style of wealthy feast, sweets should not really useful. So, like every Bengali valued at her rosogolla, be special you’ve a stash of Rantac to your pocket.

And to people who had not too lengthy in the past trolled the insignificant little nation cousin, the egg roll, as a puja favorite — boy, after this record, you precise have your work reduce out.

Wishing that Maa Durga… Blesses you and your family with happiness, joy and good health. Which lasts forever!