Download Take Ownership to Right Click Menu for Windows

Download Take Ownership if you are getting errors like you don’t have permission to access this folder. download link available below.
You are at right place download this and it will add menu on right click “Take Ownership”
you just need to right click on folder which you want to take ownership of and click take ownership.

Don’t have permission to access system32 folder in windows
Don’t have permission to access users folder in windows
Don’t have permission to access system folder
Don’t have permission to access programFiles folder
Don’t have permission to access file like notepad.Exe

For all problems you just need one simple button that is “Take Ownership”
Download Take Ownership from below button

Taking ownership of files or folders in Windows System is not simple. Both the GUI and command line(CMD) take too many steps. Why not add a simple context menu command that lets you take ownership of any file or folder which you are not able to access directly?

download take ownership

In Windows OS, a user that has ownership of a file or folder has implicit rights to change permissions on that object. That user is also always allowed to access the file or folder—even when other permissions seemingly contradict that access. Sometimes, you might run into a situation where you need to take over the ownership of a file or folder. It might be a system file you need to alter to apply some hack—like replacing Notepad with another text editor—in which case, a built-in user account named Trusted Installer has the ownership by default. Or you might have a hard drive from another computer that you need to control files on (THIS FOR WINDOWS SYSTEM).

download take ownership

Whatever the reason, you can take ownership by using the various permissions dialog boxes in Windows or by using the Command Prompt. But both methods require that you complete several steps. With a few edits to the Registry, though, you can add a simple “Take Ownership” command to the File Explorer context menu that lets you take ownership in one step. We’re going to show you the manual method for making those changes to the Registry, but we also have a one-step hack you can use to install those changes without the hassle.

Note: The technique in this article works in most versions of Windows—from Vista on up through 7, 8, and 10 OS.

Download Click Here : Download-Take-Ownership-Menu

How to Install ?
1) Download Zip File From Given Link.
2) Open Zip File and Double Click on Add Take Ownership to Context menu.reg File
3) Some Message will popup -> Click OK -> Click OK

You are Done !

Now take ownership option will be available in right click menu as shown in screenshot above.
Let me know in comments if you have any problem while adding this in context menu.


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