Donald Trump’s Wife Melania Reject Trump’s Effort to Hold Her Hand for a Second Time


Did American President Donald Trump get friend-zoned by his own wife Melania again?
Impartial one day afterwards First Lady Melania Trump made headlines round the world with a video that appeared to show her taking away her husband’s effort to hold hands, she apparently provided an repeat performance.
As the pair exited Air Force One in Rome Tuesday 23 May, 2017 before a visit to the Vatican, the first lady Melania can be gotten intentionally using her left hand to fix her hair as the president marks an attempt to hold her hand.
The refined move ensued just one day after she was also seen finely refusing her husband’s effort at hand-holding as the pair ambled away from the governmental plane on the Israeli pitch.

Notwithstanding being apparently rejected for the second day in a row, it seems the duo did fleetingly hold hands previous Tuesday 23 may,2017 on the pitch in Israel before jetting off to Rome.
The state of the couple’s union has been the subject of examination in recent weeks after the Lady Melania Trump proved personal Twitter account liked a tweet about her pretentious change in facial words at the inauguration when she smiled, then glared, after the president looked in her direction.

The tweet was un-liked afterward Twitter fixed on, and Melania Trump’s infrastructures director, Stephanie Grisham, late said PEOPLE that”The First Lady wasn’t aware of any of this until I brought it to her attention. It isn’t her primary account and we have since changed the passwords.”
The couple, who live separately whereas son Barron finished school in New York, are in the middle of their first overseas trip meanwhile the real estate dynast entered the White House – an 8 day tour of 5 countries. Ivanka Trump and her husband, senior high-level advisor Jared Kushner, are also assembly the first couple on the trip.
Just onward of the overseas tour, the Melania publicized her plans to join.
“I am very excited for the upcoming trip,” the Melania said in a report. “This will not just be an opportunity to support my husband as he works on significant matters of national security and foreign relations, it will also be my honor to visit and speak with women and children from different countries, with different perspectives.