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Jeff Bezos Surpasses Bill Gates – 1st Billionaire To Enter $100 Billion Net Worth Club Since 1999

Recently viral has been moved on that Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates by becoming 1st billionaire to enter $100 billion net worth club since 1999. Read facts below. Jeff Bezos and bill Gates have continually been switching positions to become the sector’s richest men and women. Few days again it was once bill Gates and

Love is Crazy and Expensive – Chinese guy Proposes her Girl with 25 Iphone X

Have You ever heard about expensive proposal? Yes, chinese guy proposes her love girl by giving heart of 25 Iphone X. Such a Crazy it is. The marriage ceremony day is rather detailed for humans and equally targeted is the advocate day. There may be so much stress, goosebumps, butterflies and lot extra. There’s confusion