Bigg Boss 11 Song : Dhinchak Pooja goes viral again with her BB11 song which is lyric on members and Salman Khan


Dhinchak Pooja has again gone viral with her Bigg Boss 11 song which is lyric on Salman Khan and BB11 members. You should really have a look at her song below inside.

The makers of tv’s most controversial exhibit, Bigg Boss 11 came up with the concept of utilising the wild card entry of the apartment, Dhinchak Pooja to her full capacity. In Thursday’s episode, the YouTube sensation used to be given the assignment of creating a viral track on Bigg Boss and its current contestants. She used to be allowed to take rapper, Akash Dadlani and Arshi Khan’s assistance for the undertaking and in return, the tune will win the housemates the posh finances for the week which they misplaced after disobeying many ideas of the residence. Now call it an antic of the makers to drag up the show on the TRP chart or their manner of grabbing concentration to their detailed record of contestants this season, the viewers are undoubtedly in for a ‘musical deal with’ of varieties, in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss.


How do we are saying this? Good, the legit Twitter manage of Bigg Boss has already launched the song made by using the cringe-pop sensation, Dhinchak Pooja.

Nevertheless, after taking note of the song there shall be fireworks within the house. We noticed a glimpse of it in the precap of Thursday’s episode already where Sapna Choudhary was visibly upset from the lyrics of the viral song. Appears like the Salman Khan’s hosted show will decide on up on the TRP chart which dropped and is placed on the quantity 12 role currently.


Now Dhinchak Pooja is doing what she does the first-class or the worst (complicated to say), i.E., making a tune video in the residence of Bigg Boss. She has been requested by Bigg Boss to make a video together with different contestants and if she is successful in making it, the luxurious funds will accept to the contestants, which used to be forfeited as they broke ideas. Pooja bought aid from Arshi and Akash in the assignment.