Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Latest : See If Your Favorite Contestant is Safe


Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Latest : This season elimination took place in a very shocking manner though it was a fun to see it. Seven out of eight contestants to get nominated for breaking an predominant rule in the Bigg Boss apartment.

Bigg Boss eleven has entered its twelfth week and the level of the sport is going up with each and every passing day. Hiten Tejwani’s sudden eviction has proved that nobody can afford to take dangers at this point within the game anymore.

Bigg Boss eleven is characterised through plenty of twists at the present time; now that the finale is simply 5 weeks away, it’s going to be a difficult competition between the contestants.

It looks like, due to this growing insecurity, the housemates will take this liberty to break an extraordinarily important rule of the residence, which is discussing nominations.


Each passing day, the exhibit is making new headlines; right from twists in evictions to catfights in the condo, everything is making us curious for extra. Contemporary incidents have left fans stunned!

The day gone by, Hiten’s eviction got here as a shocker to every person. Everyone anticipated that Priyank or Luv will bid goodbye to the apartment, but unfortunately, housemates voted Hiten out and saved Priyank.

This time again, Bigg Boss has dropped a gigantic bomb on the entire contestants. Good, it’s related to Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Latest. There’s a shocking twist in nominations this week; questioning what? Bigg Boss has made up our minds that this week, 7 out of the eight contestants will likely be nominated.

Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Latest by dates:

Week Nomination Date Eviction
1. 1st October 2017 Zubair
2. 9th October 2017 Sshivani Durgah, Lucinda
3. 16th October 2017 No one was evicted because of Diwali Celebration
4. 29th October Jyoti Kumari
5. 5th November Dhinchak Pooja
6. 12th November Mehjabi & Sabyasachi
7. 19th November Benafhsa Soonawala
8. 26th November Sapna Chaudhary
9. 3rd November Bandagi Kalra


Just one contestant is dependable and i’m certain you all are eager to grasp the identify. It’s Hina Khan who has been declared riskless now. All others i.E. Shilpa, Puneesh, Aakash, Vikas, Luv, Priyank & Arshi have been nominated.

bigg-boss-11-latest elimination

The quiet and reserved Shilpa Shinde has begun to open up more and more and will probably be obvious discussing the nominations fairly animatedly with Puneesh and Luv. Arshi and Luv, the foe-turned-buddies in an attempt to take revenge on their as soon as-loved-ones will goal Hina and Akash.

Bigg Boss 11 Elimination Latest – Seven out of eight remaining contestants will commit this blunder and face the wrath of Bigg Boss tonight. All of them except Hina Khan will be nominated this week for eviction as punishment by means of Bigg Boss.

All contestants will be proven a clipping of fellow contestants discussing nominations. Akash Dadlani will get shock of his lifestyles as he sees his nice pal Arshi Khan plotting towards him. He’s going to lash out at Arshi and ask her how she could betray their friendship. He’s going to destroy all ties with Arshi and make it clear to her that he does now not need any fake friends standing by using him within the Bigg Boss condo.

Bigg Boss can even reward housemates for performing good in the previous challenge. But the happiness of housemates can be brief-lived as Bigg Boss will add that despite many warnings Akash has been breaking a rule of the condo over and over again–and that’s drowsing several instances in a day. He’ll add that by way of doing this he no longer handiest disrespected the contestants but additionally the the show.

While Hina will ask him to apologise, Akash will exhibit no regret about his habit, saying everyone in the apartment slept and now not simply him. While the entire apartment will try to rationale with Akash, he however will make a paratha for himself and devour, paying surely no heed to their recommendation.

Although Hina has been a very controversial contestant throughout her Bigg Boss experience, it’s stunning to look how she would be dependable this time.

This information will certainly invite mixed reactions from the lovers; of direction, Hina has tons of haters and enthusiasts and so, we need to wait and spot how persons will react.

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