Akash Dadlani Kisses Shilpa Shinde and What Happens Next You Can See in the Video


Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani Kisses Shilpa Shinde and the action that Happens Next Can be See in the Video. Read below the full story.

Akash Dadlani is without doubt one of the craziest contestants Bigg Boss has ever had and it gained’t be unsuitable to claim that he doesn’t understand easy methods to give area to individuals around him, as a minimum within the Bigg Boss apartment. He neither thinks so much before doing some thing nor he cares or regrets for his acts. We now have most often obvious him indulging in weird pursuits but what he recently did will boil your blood.


Within the thirteen-2nd video, Puneesh Sharma, Shilpa and Akash are within the garden subject and all of a sudden Akash forces a kiss on Shilpa. She snubs him saying, “Bahut maar khaega, thappad khaega abhi. Mujhe nahi baat karna (you’ll get a slap from me, I don’t need to speak to you).” however he continues harassing her, holds her forcibly and says, “Kya karegi, haan? Kya karegi? (what’s going to you do?)”


A video goes viral on the internet and social media, offering Akash, Shilpa and Puneesh having a conversation. All of the sudden, Akash forcefully kissed Shilpa near her lips, although no longer on the lips.


Before kiss, Shilpa used to be laughing however Akash’s shameless act made her irritated to such an extent that she lost her mood and gave Akash a warning of staying away with her. No longer simply this, she also threatened to slap him if he repeats such acts.

In place of requesting apology, he asked Shilpa to do whatever she wanted. Much more disgustingly, when Shilpa requested to depart her and made an try of going away, he twisted her arm a bit.

After Akash Dadlani Kisses Shilpa Shinde Twitter got really angry and you can see the reactions below:


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